The Versatility of Melamine Foam


As an open cell foam, melamine combines excellent sound and thermal insulation qualities with the advantage of being highly resistant to both heat and chemicals.

Melamine is low in density making it suitable for items that require weight restrictions such as products for the aviation and rail industries.

Because of it’s excellent acoustic and thermal insulation qualities melamine foam is an ideal application for duct lining in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation industries.  For improved acoustics in theatres, village halls and recording studios (amongst other public buildings!)  acoustic panels for both walls and ceilings made of melamine can be used.

Large and small machinery enclosures lined with melamine foam will totally encapsulate noise emissions.

With it’s ability to adapt to so many industrial applications, it’s also worth mentioning that melamine can be laminated, converted and fabricated  to meet almost all requirements, making it a highly versatile foam.

What make’s melamine so distinctive is it’s structure which is made up of stacked bubble shapes.


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