Making Shapes!


Fluffy Foam Clouds

One of the many fun services we offer is the reproduction of shapes in a a variety of mediums.  As well as foam, we can also cut profiled shapes in wood, metal, rubber, plastic and perspex.

For parents desperately searching for specific shapes to decorate a child’s bedroom (e.g. dinosaurs, angels, cats, dogs, butterflies, etc) all you need to do is supply us with your child’s favorite dinosaur or dog image for example and we will be able to replicate the shape in your choice of medium.

Our service isn’t just limited to children’s favorite shapes.  We can cut shapes for any style of interior including retail interiors, theater productions, restaurants, clubs, bars….the list is endless.

We are able to replicate practically any shape, as well as business logo’s or any other text. If you want to make an impact in your business reception area or at an exhibition or business event we can also cut your business logo in foam, any size and any color.  Which is pretty cool….


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