Keeping you afloat – Marine Insulation

Marine Insulation side profile

With 34 years’ experience of producing acoustic materials for soundproofing and noise reduction we have the perfect solution for your marine acoustic problems.

Acoustafoams Class O composite products offer the best possible acoustic result especially for engine room sound insulation due to the multi-layer combination. Acoustafoam laminates are used in many other industrial applications but mostly used for the marine industry engine room noise problem areas.

Our marine insulation products are ideal for sound proofing boat engine rooms and controlling noise and vibration problems.

Our laminate has 3 layers:

The Absorption Layer
A thick layer of 25mm fire zero rated Class O foam which soaks up noise and stops it bouncing around the engine compartment.

The Transmission Layer
A high density 5kg per square metre polymeric barrier that provides the highest possible mass for the job of transmission loss (stops noise from getting through to other areas of the boat at the application wall).

The Isolation Layer
This 6mm layer of foam has a crucial function; it acts like the gap in double glazing and stops the noise which hits the transmission layer being carried through to the bulkhead.

Acoustafoam Marine Laminates can be supplied with a range of facings. PU Films black and white, Glass Fibre, Aluminium Coated Glass Fibre, Aluminium Foil, fire rated Fabrics or a range of sprayed fire rated paints.

Melamine resin is impregnated foam exhibits a very high resistance to both heat and chemicals with a high degree of sound absorption and good thermal insulation characteristics. This foam has a very low density making it perfect as very little weight is added and the product can be laminated, converted and fabricated to meet most requirements.
Melamine foam can be used line hulls because of its excellent acoustic absorption qualities and high thermal insulation characteristics (Class O).

Acoustafoam manufacture marine acoustic insulation made from Rockwool fire pro. RW2000 is a rock mineral wool slab engineered to provide A-rated fire protection aboard ships and off shore installations. It is laminated with B67 foil coated glass Class O fire rated and we supply the final product is shipped pre-cut shapes edges material wrapped either with contact adhesive, Mechanical fasteners and self-adhesive backing if required.

This product is Lloyd Register of shipping and MED certified A30 and A60 fire protection to steel decks and bulkheads. It can be used to provide fire protection, thermal insulation and sound reduction with the minimum of weight.

UK Marine industry facts

UK ships, boats, marine systems and equipment, skills and expertise are recognised throughout the world.

The ‘marine industries’ manufacture and provide support services in the Leisure, Naval, Commercial, Offshore Renewable Energy and other sectors.

Over 5,000 companies across the UK, not just on our coasts
Nearly 90,000 people employed
Nearly £10bn turnover
Contribute over £3.5bn Gross Value Added to the nation’s GDP


For further information please contact our sales team on 01952 581340


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