Acoustafoam support the Side by Side Theatre Company

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Side By Side Theatre Company

Acoustafoam support the Side by Side Theatre Company.

Coming soon at Stourbridge Town Hall Theatre, see website for details: 

The Side by Side Theatre Company evolved from the Learning For Life Drama Course at Stourbridge College in the West Midlands.

 They were formed in 1997, with funding from ‘Arts For Everyone’,which enabled them to put on a public performance and take their production out into the community. Side By Side have constantly pushed back boundaries and challenged the perception of learning disability by winning many awards over the years at open competitive festivals with their unique productions.

Among their many achievements are – being chosen by the ‘British Federation of Festivals’ to represent the Dudley Borough at the ‘Millennium National Festival of Performing Arts’ in November 2000. Winning both ‘Best Play’ and the ‘Overall Winner’s Trophy’ at Worcestershire Theatre Festival in 2002, taking them on to the ‘Divisional Finals’ of the ‘All England Theatre Festival and winning ‘Best Musical in the ‘Fringe Report Awards’ for Fringe Festival performers in 2008. 
The Group have performed to great acclaim in many places throughout the UK., including several times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Llandrindod Wales, Brighton Fringe Festival and Motala in Sweden and at the Fringe Festival in Prague.



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