Foam Shapes

Foam Shapes Image

Shaped Foam

Acoustafoam are able to manufacture a range of profiled products and shapes in a variety of foams for architectural applications. These shapes and profiles are specifically designed to allow for reverberative absorption to be achieved with limited ceiling or wall space and can be used to provide an exciting designed acoustic solution for bespoke projects.

Acousta foam is utilised by various industries ranging from theatres to heavy machinery workplaces. Our Large Foam Chess Piece was produced for a Theatre Production.

We can create Clouds and other shapes for attachment to walls or ceiling. These can be supplied for direct wall fixing via mechanical or spray adhesive, supplied with a peelable self-adhesive backing or with a bracket fixing on the back for suspending from the ceiling.

Acousta cubes are manufactured from either melamine foam or A01 acoustic foam and can be spray painted to any RAL colour or enclosed in a material cover for suspension from the ceiling. They can be designed in different sizes to create an interesting feature in a room whilst contributing to the reverberative reduction.

Acoustafoam have a design team to work with architects and clients to provide a bespoke acoustic solution for rooms and reception areas. Alongside this we offer an advisory service on acoustic solutions in the workplace and provide designed workable solutions. Acoustafoam profiles and shapes are also suitable for industrial applications to assist in reducing factory machine reverberative noise ensuring a better environment for employees. We are also able to provide dampening and anti-vibration products for machinery.

For further information please contact our sales team on 01952 581340


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