Packaging Foam


Another service we offer is packaging foam to provide cushioning of products for transport or final cases. The foam packaging can be CNC cut, routed and head welded to your exact requirements and the product is fully recyclable with repeated impact protection. There is an option for the foam to have an anti-static quality, different colours, density or profiled foams cut to a size or thickness.

High load bearing packaging open cell foams are a low cost solution to your packing requirements (colours available: dark grey, blue, pink anti-static).Due to our production processes most projects are cut with no tooling costs allowing us to cater for low volume production orders.

The application and uses of the foam vary we are able to cut the foam in a block, sheet and mould foam to create all manners of shapes. The open and closed cell foams are available in a range of colours to meet all your specifications.

For further information please contact our sales team on 01952 581340


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