Finding the Right Image


Sea by Ashi, Pixabay

We are often asked to enlarge photos for printing large scale or if we have certain images that customer’s can use. We have a small database of images but recommend that you supply the image that you want as everyone’s taste is different.

To ensure that you provide an image that is suitable for your use there are a number of stock image sites available or Illustration sites which provide some files in Vector format. To try and simplify the difference between the two isn’t too difficult. Most photographs and paintings have a .jpeg extension. The image in this file type is made up of pixels, tiny little squares that make up the image. This is where the pixels per inch comes in (ppi) so in a square inch you would have so many pixels per inch. When this type of image is enlarged the pixels are enlarged also, which is why they become visible when trying to enlarge the image too much. Vector images are usually created in a program called Illustrator and these files can be enlarged considerably without any loss of quality as there are no pixels in the image. (Enlarging a photo in Illustrator, doesn’t work by the way).

We have tried to compile a list of well-known sites where a number of images can be used for personal and commercial use. These sites have thousands of pictures available to buy and some are free, but please check the sizes, ppi and license first to make sure they are suitable for your use. There are lots of vector images on these sites too.

Photo and Illustration Stock Sites – Many Free Images

Illustration Sites

Whilst we are trying to be helpful when listing these sites, we cannot accept responsibility for your choice of image, quality, payments or downloads.

If we can help with your print project, please call us on 01952 581340.



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