Repeat Pattern Fabric Printing



Another great project for the Acoustic Art Team. We have such a variety of printing projects and this one was really interesting. We were supplied with a small bitmap image and asked to print this as a repeat pattern onto some fabric.After a bit of work in Photoshop, the repeat pattern file was created and then printed onto the customer’s own fabric.

We can print on a range of materials including Acoustic Absorbers, Fabrics, Foams, Foam Board, Rubbers, Acrylic, Melamine, Ceramics, Plastic, Glass, Canvas, Polycarbonates and Cork. We can’t list everything, so if it’s not listed here you can always call us to see if we can print onto your surface. We can supply a range of materials or you can provide us with your own.

If you would like your own designs printed onto our wide range of materials, please contact our Sales Team on 01952 581340.


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