Banners & Signs



We don’t know which way to turn this week … but here’s a glimpse at one of the projects that were being printed in our Art Room.

We had a request for some large banners for the Kitchen Depot which were printed on our amazing printer. These are being installed at the Telford Football Club and we also helped out by designing and printing their menus for the grounds.





Our flat bed printer is capable of printing high resolution images up to 1440 dpi. This versatility means you can print images on various surface types including MDF, wood, acrylic, plastic, composites, glass, aluminium, foam, ceramic and tile materials. The printer allows a maximum printing thickness of 100mm plus the maximum weight of 500kg makes it easier for all your printing requirements to be met. A final clear coat can be applied to leave a flat or high gloss protective coating.

If we can help with your printing needs, please call us on 01952 581340 and see how we can help.


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