Sound and Acoustics

Snapping Shrimp

Snapping Shrimp

We are always on the look out for interesting information relating to sound and acoustics and this week I have found a couple of really interesting websites.

The first is an article regarding “Animals’ Most Amazing Acoustic Feats” not only can you read about the sound range but you can also listen to some examples.  It was quite interesting to read that a snapping shrimp can emit a 200 decibel sound from its snapping claw.  If you’re interested in reading more the website is 



The other article shows places of interest on a map.  When you hover over the markers a short description displays. This is really useful if you are visiting abroad and are looking for something different to explore.  I was quite interested in the “Ear of Dionysius, Sicily” or the “Coloured Canyon, Egypt”.


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