Colour Matching by our Acoustic Art Team on Perspex

Colour Matching by Acoustafoam

Colour Matching by Acoustafoam

Most of the time what you see on your screen isn’t what is printed out. This problem has been around for ages and although colour calibration helps, it sometimes is just a case of sampling different colours and seeing which one is the closest match as print outs vary depending on the material that is being printed on to.

We were given the CMYK codes for this project and asked to print a sample. Using these CMYK codes we printed from the same file using our large flatbed printer. The colour we are trying to match is the rectangle one in the background. The one in the middle is closest but still … it’s back to the drawing board. I have no doubt that we will get a closer match until it’s just perfect.

We are happy to work with you on your projects, so please call us on 01952 581340 if you think we can help.



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