Staying productive.

Staying productive at work isn’t always easy, everyone gets distracted at some point during the working day, so how can you boost productivity?

There are lots of ways to stay productive at work and here are some tips to help you stay focused while at your desk, ensuring you get all your work done on time.

  • Eat Breakfast

Start the day with a healthy breakfast (porridge, eggs, fruit or yogurt) to provide your body with a slow release energy to keep you going until lunch.

Skipping breakfast will leave you feeling tired, agitated and distracted.

  • Sleep well

Get a decent night sleep every night, experts recommend 7 – 9 hours of sleep.

If you always have late nights you won’t feel rested and ready for the day ahead.

  • Exercise

To keep stress levels down, exercise. Even if it is a half an hour walk on your lunch break.

Exercise will clear your head and keep you focused, you may think that staying at your deck means you to get more work done but it doesn’t work if your mind isn’t focused.

  • Make to-do lists

Keep a simple list every day and give yourself a realistic set of tasks to get through.

  • Deadlines

When doing a task on your to-do list set a deadline, you will be less likely to procrastinate or waste time.

  • One task at a time

Multitasking seem more productive, but can slow you down. Finish a job before you start another so you know what is done and what needs doing.

  • Split big tasks up

If you have a large projects that seems overwhelming, break it up into smaller and more manageable tasks.

  • Keep tidy

Make it a daily ritual to tidy your desk or workspace before you finish or leave.

De-clutter and get organized so you can start the next day clean, get helpful storage solutions to keep your desk in order.

  • Recognize the signs

If you still feel like you are unproductive and not tackling your work load as quickly as you’d like, keep a list of the things that distract you , you will soon see patterns emerging and start to learn where you need to make changes.

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Tidy Desk

Tidy Desk

Productive Acoustafoam worker

Productive Acoustafoam worker


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