Jane’s Baps

Jane’s Baps is a small café located next to Acoustafoam that have had a sign from us before but want a new sign to advertise their business.

Talking to Jane she informed us that they wanted a bigger sign then they already had and it also had to be more eye catching, so we decided on a size and what information was needed for the sign before starting.

The AcousticArt team took a look at the old sign Jane’s Baps had before to keep as a starting point as the sign needed to look similar so older customers still recognised it.

Taking into account that Jane wanted the sign to be more eye catching we added colour (red-as it appealing) (coloured the imagery) and changed the opacity so the text would be easier to read.

If we can help with your project, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952 581340.

Jane's Baps old sign

Jane’s Baps old sign

Jane's Baps new sign

Jane’s Baps new sign


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