Don’t forget to stay hydrated this summer.

There are many benefits to being well hydrated and when we’re busy at work, it’s important to make sure we drink plenty of water throughout the day. Being dehydrated can have a negative effect on our alertness and concentration at work, the quality of our work, even our personal safety and that of others around us. The type of work we do affects our requirements for water. For example, strenuous work, especially on warm days, can lead to increased perspiration and higher water requirements. Equally, working in an air conditioned office, can speed up moisture evaporation from our skin.

The institute of Medicine recommend that women drink a total of 2.7 litres of water per day whilst they recommend men drink 3.7 litres per day. (These amounts include foods and beverages)

The requirements may increase in certain circumstances such as exercise, hot environments, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and some illnesses where you lose water.

So remember to stay hydrated this summer whether you are indoors or outdoors.

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Sunny skys at Acoustafoam

Sunny skys at Acoustafoam

Summer at Acoustafoam

Summer at Acoustafoam


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