Our AcousticArt team have been working on the new concessions and tickets signs for A.F.C. Telford United.

A.F.C. Telford United asked for their signs to be put on 59.7cmx19cm 5mm foamboard, they also sent us the design they wanted, the font and exactly what they wanted written on the signs.

“We require the following :
Adults £14/Under 16 £3   x 3
16-19 £5   x 2
Concession £12   x 2
Concession £12/16-19 £5

Would it be possible to have the attached design?  I have attached a photo.

For her reference, the blue is RGB 27,41,74 and the red is RGB 204, 17, 64

The font is Lato, which can be downloaded from

Also could I have on the back of 1 of the Adults £14/Under 16:
Adults £5 (with the Wolves logo attached)

And on the back of one of the Concession £12 can I have
Concession £3/Under 16 £1”

Doing back to back prints is an easy task for our AcousticArt team and the images for the signs look great, so next time you are at a match keep an eye out for our wonderful signs.

If we can help with your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952 581340.







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