Here at Acoustafoam we provide a full service to our entire product range, therefore we are the single solution to your acoustic, foam and insulation needs.

We have catered for our product range by producing fixings for various surfaces and varied environments.

Here are your options for fixture:

Corkscrew fixing – These are lightweight durable fixings for both horizontal and vertical fixings of AcoustaSorbas. They are inserted into the foam enabling wire or metal rod fixings to be attached.

Suspension wires and tensioners – A range of the various gauge wires, joiners and tensioners together with locking cleats to ensure the secure and efficient fixing of both vertical and horizontal absorbers. These are used in conjunction with corkscrew fixings to facilitate the hanging of absorbers to the required height from the ceiling.

Velcro fixing – Industrial grade Velcro is a high preforming moulded hook and loop system used to fix both vertical and horizontal panels. This system together with our powerful self- adhesive backing allows a strong bond with the substrate to which the panels are being attached.

E09 Spray Adhesive – This is a fast drying aerosol high strength bond adhesive. It is non-staining and provides an efficient and economical method of bonding our range of absorbers and tiles to suitable substrates. Foam panels are usually bonded via a one way stick, however if extra bond strength id required such as horizontal applications, a two way stick is used. This requires both surfaces to be sprayed and allowed to “tack off” before putting the panel to the substrate and applying firm pressure.

Rotafast snap on anchors – These are a unique anchor providing a secure and fast solution for acoustical panel installation.

Rotafast standard anchors – These are used to provide a quick, secure installation of fibre core panels on concrete block, drywall partitioning, metal decking or open studs.

Rotafast clouds anchors – These again provide a quick, secure fixing to the rear or panels allowing the use of wires or rods to suspend acoustic panels from the ceiling.

If we can help with your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952 581340.






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