This week was the start of autumn which means it’s time to grab your jumpers and coats.

As the days get colder and the leaves start to change colour we at Acoustafoam remind people to wrap up warm and remember an umbrella if you go out.

Here are some tips on staying warm this autumn.

  • Dress accordingly

Some people think that wearing one thick, woolly jumper is enough to keep them warm when the cold starts to creep in. In fact, it’s more effective to wear several slightly thinner layers rather than one thicker one. This is because multiple layers of clothing trap warmth and keep it closer to the body better than a single thick layer. While it might seem obvious, your choice of fabrics will also play a role, so try to wear clothing made from wool, fleece or thicker cottons, as these materials are better insulators than other fabrics such as polyester

  • Around the house

There are several things you can do to keep your house a little warmer without driving up your gas bill. For example, when you’re finished using the oven after cooking and you’ve turned it off – leave its door open. This will allow the heat from the cooker to circulate around your kitchen. Similarly, when you’re taking a shower in the morning, keep the bathroom door closed to trap the moisture in the room, which will keep it warmer.

Although some people believe that “catching a chill” is an old wives’ tale, having cold feet can make you feel much colder than you already are. For this reason, invest a few pounds in a set of woollen slippers. It might also be worth putting down rugs, especially in rooms with exposed floorboards, as draughts can circulate beneath the floor of your home.

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