Foam Facings

Foam has an endless use of applications and can be easily tailored by using different chemicals and materials.

Foam is used in a variety of locations and has a number of uses. We can offer different facings to compliment your product and its use.

White or black PU film (polyurethane) is applied via a laminator which heats the PU film onto the foam.

If insulation or a heat solution is needed, then foam can be foil faced by applying self-adhesive on the top layer of the foam and then applying foil on top through pinch rollers.

Fabric wrapped absorbers are mainly used in melamine foam/class 0 foam to give a better aesthetic and textured feel to the foam. You are not limited on colour choice with fabric wraps, as we have a vast selection of colours to choose from,

If you do not wish to have fabric on top of your foam there is also an option to colour spay the foam to any RAL colour number.

If fire regulations need to be meet then we offer fire retardant/class0 colour spray.

We also offer a printing option to have your logo, design or image printed on a range of surfaces.

If we can help with your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952 581340.

Acoustafoam_092_PRODUCTS 2013 Acoustafoam_084_PRODUCTS 2013 Acoustafoam_091_PRODUCTS 2013


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