Collages Every now and again we get a customer who wants a collage designed for them, they send a folder full of pictures to our AcousticArt team. Our AcousticArt team then get to work creating a collage for them using the pictures they have provided. First we count how many pictures will be included as…



Copyright Laws

The AcousticArt team here at Acoustafoam have to follow the Copyright Law when creating signs for customers. Below is information about the Copyright Law that the AcousticArt team and other companies MUST follow. Copyright Copyright protects your work and stops others from using it without your permission. You automatically get copyright protection when you create:…

Jane's Baps new sign

Janes Baps

Janes Baps café has asked us at Acoustafoam to make another sign for her, this time two 20” by 20” signs to go into a portable sign holder to go outside her café. Out AcousticArt team designed the image for the signs by using the same font and imagery used by Janes Baps earlier signs…


The history of Photoshop.

The history of Photoshop. Photoshop began with Thomas Knoll is 1987, and with his pixel imaging program entitled Display. His Display software was designed to showcase grey scale images on a black-and-white monitor, and he quickly knew that there was a future for his project. After partnering with his brother, John Knoll, Thomas and John…



Our AcousticArt team have been working on the new concessions and tickets signs for A.F.C. Telford United. A.F.C. Telford United asked for their signs to be put on 59.7cmx19cm 5mm foamboard, they also sent us the design they wanted, the font and exactly what they wanted written on the signs. “We require the following :…


5 favourite WordPress posts of this year

5 favourite WordPress posts from this year. If you have a favourite blog post and would like us to know how much you liked it please don’t hesitate to comment or talk to us, we love to hear feedback from our readers. If we can help with your projects, please…

Images from Acoustafoam

Photo Post

A lot of photos have been taken by our AcousticArt team and i would like to post some of our favourite photos taken over the last few years. Enjoy.

Dragon wheel print

Multiple Prints

Using the Art Jet Printing Machine we can have multiple prints on one surface. The powerful vacuum system holds the material securely in place whilst the machine prints an image and then another image on top of the first. If we can help with your project, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952…

Art Jet Printer

Printing Big

Our Art Jet Printer is capable of printing high resolutions images up to 1440dpi with a maximum thickness of 100mm. It can also print on various surfaces types for example on MDF, wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, foam, composites, aluminium, ceramic and tile materials. If we can help with your project, please do not hesitate to contact…