Types of Customers

Customers play the most significant part in business. In fact the customer is the actual boss in a deal and is responsible for the actually profit for the organization. Customer is the one who uses the products and services and judges the quality of those products and services. Hence it’s important for an organization to…


Working green: 50 tips to reduce your office’s waste

From daily smog to the rising threat of global warming, it’s pretty obvious that we all need to clean up our act a little. Much has been said about how to go about doing this at home, but what about in the workplace? Copiers, computers, even old floppy disks, can make a huge impact on…

Acoustafoam Facings

Foam Facings

Foam has an endless use of applications and can be easily tailored by using different chemicals and materials. Foam is used in a variety of locations and has a number of uses. We can offer different facings to compliment your product and its use. White or black PU film (polyurethane) is applied via a laminator…



This week was the start of autumn which means it’s time to grab your jumpers and coats. As the days get colder and the leaves start to change colour we at Acoustafoam remind people to wrap up warm and remember an umbrella if you go out. Here are some tips on staying warm this autumn.…

House for sale

Glyn’s House

Glyn has come to Acoustafoam hoping we can solve the noise problem happening inside his home. Glyn is trying to sell his house unfortunately outside noise is coming through his front door and making his house quite noisy which has made it more difficult to sell his house. After taking with Glyn we have decided…



Here at Acoustafoam we provide a full service to our entire product range, therefore we are the single solution to your acoustic, foam and insulation needs. We have catered for our product range by producing fixings for various surfaces and varied environments. Here are your options for fixture: Corkscrew fixing – These are lightweight durable…


Quiz of the week’s news

Quiz of the week’s news From the BBC News Website It’s the Magazine’s weekly news quiz – a chance to prove to yourself and others that you have been paying attention to what’s been going on over the past seven days. 7 days 7 questions According to proposed new guidelines, which profession has been told…