Product Of the week

Acoustic Testing


With the aid of the latest testing equipment we are able to carry out internal analysis on facings, foams and composites that gives us the acoustic absorption and noise transmission loss over a range of thicknesses. For example, it is crucial to predict the impact of using specific noise control materials at the development stage for engineers, designers and manufacturers. Simulation software can help to make the prediction, provided that the acoustic characteristics of the materials are accurately known.

We offer a full range of acoustic testing and analysis services to customers on site or portable testing of projects. This coupled with 34 years expertise with materials and their performance records means product development is achieved rapidly. The moulding of polyurethane materials for floor mats, interior trim, head liners and integral skin products allow Acoustafoam to offer acoustic trim that is functional and effective and cosmetically attractive for today’s marketing demands.

Here at Acoustafoam we will test your materials for you and do comparison testing on samples. All testing and results are strictly confidential for customers with environmental/building testing also available upon request.

Alternatively please contact our sales team on 01952 581455 or visit our website


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