More Large Fabric Printing for CAS

Busy again this week printing lots of fabric for CAS. These fabric prints will be wrapped around acoustic foam and installed by CAS at the company’s premises. Acoustic Art panels help to reduce noise in the workplace and look great too. For more information, please contact CAS directly on 01952 580524.

Acoustic Tiles by Acoustafoam

Acoustic Tiles by Acoustafoam

                                        We can produce a wide range of designs on our acoustic melamine tiles and can make them in various sizes to suit your requirements. Melamine foam has excellent acoustic absorption qualities and high thermal insulation characteristics.…

Acoustic Absorbers

Acoustic Absorbers

            Acoustic absorbers offer excellent acoustics without compromising the aesthetics of your room environment. Acoustafoam manufacture a vast array of sizes and shapes that we can finish in a variety of ways, including a range of acoustic facings to compliment your room or office.We use light-weight melamine foam, one of…


Our new Building and Architectural Acoustic Solutions Division

  Contemporary Acoustic Solutions CAS Ltd is our new building and architectural acoustic solutions division. Services offered include:- consultation, product presentations, testing, product development, manufacture, and on site installation. Visit the CAS web site or phone Matt Baker for more information on 01952 580524.

Acoustic Enclosures

When noise is a problem, Acoustafoam can help by building tailor-made acoustic enclosures. These modular constructions are designed to reduce noise levels on new or existing machinery. They are generally built to the customers requirements and can house large manufacturing equipment and small machinery, both internally within a building and externally. Acoustafoam can build enclosures…

Bass Traps

Acoustafoam are on Ebay

  Don’t miss our Acoustic Bass Trap Kits on Ebay from £40.00 to £45.00.  Any questions please call us on 01952 581340 and we would be happy to discuss your needs.  We really do go all out to help you.  


If you need inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest Boards, where we try to give you examples to help you and your business. There’s also lots of other interesting images too including anechoic chambers and acoustic treatments. If we can help to turn your ideas into reality, please call our Sales Team on 01952…


Acoustic Art Room

Our Acoustic Art room has been totally transformed by our Staff who have been busy printing on a range of surfaces using our state of the art new flatbed printer.  The walls are completely covered in a range of images to show the different surfaces we can print on and now some of the ceiling…


I Can’t Hear Anything – The Art Of Sound Proofing

Sound insulation is the process of soundproofing an enclosed space. This type of insulating activity is usually employed when there is a need to keep sound from filtering into or out of the space. There are several basic approaches to reducing sound: increasing the distance between source and receiver, using noise barriers to reflect or…