Dragon Wheel

Dragon Wheel

The Acoustafoam team have been working hard creating this prototype Dragon Wheel. The Dragon Wheel was printed on our Art Jet Flatbed Printer using multiple prints to stop light getting through certain parts of the wheel as requested. Then it was put on the CNC cutter to be perfectly cut into the circles that make…

Routering at Acoustafoam

CNC Cutting Machine at Acoustafoam

The CNC Cutter is able to cut any shape or design you require and for the last few days ours has been cutting wood for some ceiling light panels. The wood has been cut then positioned in foam and then wrapped in canvas. They will finally be fitted onto the ceiling around the light. If…

raised letters by Acoustafoam

Routering Projects at Acoustafoam

After having some letters left over our Acoustic Art team creatively made a sign with the letters raised off the canvas, we are also able to engrave letters into different materials using the Router we have here at Acoustafoam. Our images show a range of projects that we have worked on. If we can help…

CNC Waterjet

Our New Waterjet CNC Machine

Our new multi-head abrasive waterjet machine hasn’t stopped this week. It can cut through a multitude of materials including steel and marble. We thought we’d upload some of our photos. If we can help with your projects please call us on 01952 581340.

New Waterjet CNC Cutting Machine

Acoustafoam have a new multi head abrasive water jet machine that is being commissioned this week. This gives us the most versatile and advanced water jet facility available. The black ring is cut from a large sheet of steel. This waterjet machine can cut through a huge range of surfaces including marble! If we can…