The history of Photoshop.

The history of Photoshop. Photoshop began with Thomas Knoll is 1987, and with his pixel imaging program entitled Display. His Display software was designed to showcase grey scale images on a black-and-white monitor, and he quickly knew that there was a future for his project. After partnering with his brother, John Knoll, Thomas and John…



Our AcousticArt team have been working on the new concessions and tickets signs for A.F.C. Telford United. A.F.C. Telford United asked for their signs to be put on 59.7cmx19cm 5mm foamboard, they also sent us the design they wanted, the font and exactly what they wanted written on the signs. “We require the following :…

Images from Acoustafoam

Photo Post

A lot of photos have been taken by our AcousticArt team and i would like to post some of our favourite photos taken over the last few years. Enjoy.


Colour codes

Finding a colour you like is easy but what isn’t easy is matching the colour on Photoshop. Colours have a code and a name, although the colour name may not always be known it is best to find the colour code, having the code makes it is easier to find the exact colour the client…

Font Board

Choosing a Font

A font is a particular typeface that consists of a size, weight and style. There are thousands of fonts that are useable but some are more commonly recognized then others, For Example; Facebook uses Klavike and YouTube uses Alternate Gothic No. 2. When choosing a font ask yourself these 5 questions. Are the users going…

Photo Editing by our Acoustic Art Team

Photo Editing by our Acoustic Art Team

Most of the time when we receive artwork, things need to be checked over before we are happy to print it. Using Photoshop to edit photographs, we can remove certain parts of a photo, tidy up marks or scratches and colour correct when needed. This is a Before and After Photo, where we’ve removed a…