About Us

Acoustafoam Limited are market leaders for acoustic and noise control products for industrial and architectural applications.

We are UK based in Telford, Shropshire, manufacturing for the global market.

We supply acoustic insulation components and products made from foams, polyester fibre, rubbers and polyurethanes. Our customers are worldwide and include construction, agricultural, marine, defence, and automotive industries to name but a few.

With 34 years’ experience Acoustafoam Limited are best known for their first class products that are competitive, delivered on time and always of the highest quality. We have the ability to respond rapidly to enquiries and our policy is to always give new and existing customers the best possible service. We have a fully integrated computer operated site ready to solve your product needs.

Acoustafoam are always looking to expand our team of sales agents and manufacturing partners across the UK, EUROPE and USA.

If you wish to benefit from working with us Please e-mail your details to info@acoustafoam.com and we will contact you (All correspondence is dealt with as strictly confidential)

Mission Statement

To encompass innovation and integrity in our staff, clients and partners.

Vision Statement

To be the global leader and preferred supplier within the acoustics industry by innovation, quality and exceptional service.

The aims of Acoustafoam are:
1. To respond rapidly to new and existing customer enquiries.
2. To respond immediately to customer problems.
3. To produce the correct products at the correct time and cost in order to satisfy customer orders and make profits.
4. To become market leaders in what we do.
5. To financially control the company daily.
6. To strive to motivate and stimulate our workforce.
7. To be aware of our competitors.
8. To follow the development of materials and technology.
9. Develop partnerships with customers and suppliers.
10. Develop new products.
11. Invest in new technology.
12. Invest in people.
13. Strive to improve in all areas.
14. Improve to protect our environment.
15. Enjoy our work.

As technology and customer demands have changed over time we have and stayed in front of our competition and industry standards.

We have our own E-shop on our website so any of our products can be ordered with ease which is support with our sales/enquiries staff.

We carter to both commercial, industrial and individuals on their demands for our product range so much we have our own EBay store with select products.

A key service we provide is acoustic testing and analysis which cost effective design and development of interior trim, acoustic and thermal insulation products. This is achieved by utilising the best materials available to suit customer requirements, volumes and specification demands within budgets. With the aid of CAD design and the use of IGES and DFX files we are able to produce ISIR samples and dispatch the same day if no tooling is required. This service can be done in-house, onsite or with portable testing equipment to suit your needs your timeframe and availability.


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