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Acoustafoam and Pinterest

Acoustafoam and Pinterest

According to “Pinterest, the digital scrapbooking service, is laying the groundwork for an e-commerce offering with a “Buy” button that could launch in as little as three to six months, according to multiple sources.”

Media websites are a fantastic way to promote your business and connect with your customer’s. One less common and often overlooked site is Pinterest. Pinterest is a site where you can visually promote products to your customers. Boards are created by people who are interested in various subjects for research, or for customers who are searching for the right product for their project. Pinterest members happily go about websites ‘pinning’ their favourite images to their boards and ‘pinning’ from other Pinterest members on the site. Messages can be sent directly and boards shared amongst friends. With the option to “Buy”, which could be available shortly, more businesses are set to join the Pinterest community. Fortunately, Acoustafoam already has several interesting boards which show our products and design related interests. Our community is growing on Pinterest and we would love for you to join us. Happy Pinning! Acoustafoam’s Pinterest Page


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