Interior Trim – Cars, Trucks, Diggers, Rail and Industrial


ImageWhat’s the first thing you see when you enter a vehicle or building? The interior trim is what you see around the door, windows, dashboard, stairs, furnishing and the finish. Acoustafoam are a specialist supplier of acoustic and thermal interior trim for the automotive, construction, agricultural, rail and industrial markets. We develop with our customers a full range of moulded and profiled components that are not only functional but also cosmetically attractive for today’s markets.  We offer a range of material patterns to choose from along with the options for the trim to have sound insulation or fabric added.

With the aid of CAD design, Igis and Dfx files, we are able to produce products in the minimum time frame. The trim pieces are designed to fit snugly and with ease, and we offer fasteners and self-adhesive backings.

Sample items are available.  For further information please contact our sales team on 01952 581340






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