Acoustafoam offer a range of Sewn Products


Acoustafoam designs all of our products to your exact specifications so there is no need to treat, paint, clean or create a way to fix the item in place.

We work with a wide range of industries including: construction, agricultural, marine, defence, and automotive.

As our product offer varies so much, we have adapted and specialised ourselves to cater to all. We are able to produce a range of sewn products from light covers, gaiters, acoustic quilts, industrial curtains, tank covers and Velcro backed acoustic trim.

We aim to meet and go beyond industry standard in all the sectors we work with, to ensure we are the best known for our first class products. We are competitive, our products are delivered on time and are always of the highest quality.

With 34 years’ experience, we supply acoustic insulation components and products made from foams, polyester fibre, rubbers and polyurethanes.

For further information please contact our sales team on 01952 581340.


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