Acoustafoam’s Guide to Images


Dawn by Danfador, PixabayPhoto Danfador, Pixabay

Our state of the art printer can open a variety of file formats including pdf’s, but most people prefer to send us their print ready file in .jpeg format with CMYK colour mode.

Colour Output

We can print files that are in RGB format and there is usually only a small difference in colour output.  In simple terms, RGB is mainly used for screen output and has a wider range of colours than CMYK so the printer tries to substitute colours that will print, resulting in a slightly different colour.  Going from CMYK to RGB is not recommended and can produce quite unexpected results.


Artwork should be prepared using a “high quality print” or “press quality” setting in your software and images should have a resolution of 300 ppi at the size that they will be used.  Although we can resize your images to a certain extent, it is better if you can supply the artwork at the actual print size so that your image is not pixelated when it prints out.  For example, if you supply an image that is 300 ppi but the image has to be doubled in size, the resolution drops by half so your image will print at 150 ppi.  If it has to be doubled in size again, it will print at 75 ppi which will result in a very low quality pixelated image.

For artwork that is viewed at around 24” your resolution should be 300 ppi at the final size.

Designs that are to be viewed at a distance, for example larger banners, the resolution can be 150 ppi at the print size, but the image will not be sharp at a close distance, that is why we recommend all artwork to be 300 ppi.

Most digital cameras output the image at 72 ppi, RGB and in jpeg format, so please bear this in mind when you are using and resizing photographs in your artwork.  Whilst 72 ppi is acceptable for viewing on screen, at a larger size, it is not suitable for printing large scale.


For banner printing and printing on Perspex, please allow enough space around your image for the hole fixings.  Depending on the product, we can print right up to the edge (no bleed) but for some products you may have to include a 5mm bleed area.

So in an ideal world we would like your logo or artwork at a resolution of 300 ppi, CMYK colour format and in .jpeg if possible, at the size you want it printing.

If you do have any questions or are not sure if your file is suitable, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will do our best to help. 01952 581340


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