Studio & Cinema Acoustics: Does it sound right ?

Studio Acoustics

If you’re a budding DJ, artist, film buff or professional sound engineer you will know that the sound is all important whether it be from the vocals, instrumentals or removing background noise in the room. You will take your time to make the sound perfect and preparation of making the sound in the room right is the first thing to do.

Remember sound can travels through the air at 340m per second and it will travel through materials. Hard materials can reflect sound so that the sound travels back in the opposite direction and this is called an echo.

Every room is different given the objects in the room, walls material, windows, door, floor and the ceiling material all have an effect on the sound quality in the room. You could try to sound proof every last thing in the room which is achievable but then you will end up making an anechoic chamber. This is a room where its echo free and designed to completely absorb reflections of noise making it absolutely silent.

If you don’t have that kind of budget then are ways of working around the acoustic problems in the room.

Here at Acoustafoam we offer ceiling and wall panel made from impregnated class o and melamine foam (fire retardant) 25mm and 50mm thick 600mm square with chamfered edges or cut to individual project design.


Impregnated class O foam is dense foam, much more durable than melamine foam recommended for wall treatments. Melamine foam is an open cell product, low in weight with good sound adsorption properties recommended for ceilings. Both products are easy to cut and install with a self-adhesive backing.

The wall or ceiling panels are available in virtually any colour by using a fabric wrap so your room doesn’t have to lose that visual appeal whilst still being fire retardant.

Our acoustic bass trap kits with various profiled faces are ideal to be fitted into music studios as they work as acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to dampen low frequency sound energy. They trap the bass energy that collects in the corner of a room which allows you to control the low frequency energy, providing a better listening environment.

Bass trap designs

Our acoustic bass trap kits are available in 4 different styles and 3 different colours.

The wall panels will now be soon available to be more appealing to the eye as any logo, image or design will be printed on to them so your imagination and creativity is your limit.

If you’re after a particular shape or design then acoustic foam can be supplied in block, sheet and CNC profiled to any shape. All of our foam sheets are available either with or without self-adhesive backings and as laminates.


For further information please contact our sales team on 01952 581340


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